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Engineered Wood Floor

A customer in Mesa, AZ wanted to replace their worn out, 15 year old carpet with an engineered hardwood floor that matched the one in their bedroom.  After we determined from the manufacturer that the bedroom floor was discontinued in the exact same widths, the client decided to go with wood planks that were slightly smaller in size, but made of the same material & having the same finish.  We prepped the floor by removing the old carpet, pad, tack strip, & removed any nails left in the concrete pad.  Then we scraped the entire floor with a razor knife, so we could get a great installation.  Once the wood arrived, it acclimated in the home for a few days before it was installed.  Installation took 2 days & also included replacing & painting the baseboards with a matching profile but 4" high instead of 2 1/4". Client was ecstatic with the final results.

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