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Water Damage Bathroom

We got a call from client when their wood floor planks started popping up after they turned on the radiant heat in the floor.  Home had previous water damage from a leak in the bathroom, that wasn't discovered for a few days.  Insurance company sent out a preferred vendor who set equipment & after a few days said they were all dried out.  Months later the wood floor is damaged & popping up.  We discovered due to  a combination of radiant floor encased in sand, extra thick sub floor, & over 5" of spray foam insulation under the floorboards only the 1st layer of floor had dried, the moisture was held in by the sub floor, sand, & spray foam causing the wood floor to swell when heated.  The months of moisture had severely damaged the sub floor, engineered wood floor, & even the 2x8's in the structure.  We gutted the flooring, ruined wood, sub floor, footers, drywall, travertine flooring & enclosed shower.  This was a very challenging project, but the results speak for themselves!

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