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Wind & Storm Damage

A long-standing business in Tempe, AZ suffered extensive roof damage after a random springtime microburst hit their building.  The wind sheer was so strong, it stripped of a large portion of the 54-year-old roof tiles from the "A" frame style building causing damage to that roof and the standing seam steel roof on the flat decks below. The roof materials were tested and removed for proper disposal.  We faced some challenges, as the roof was a very steep 16/12 pitch.  This required mandated fall protection, fork and scissor lifts.  Once the roof tiles were removed, we dried the roof in with a self-adhesive modified bitumen roofing material that is UV stable for up to 180 days. This dry-in allowed us the time to negotiate with the insurance carrier for a comparable roofing system replacement.  Our client chose a copper colored standing seam steel roof system for replacement that was special ordered.  For the flat roof areas, we installed a modified bitumen roofing system with the same peel and stick base layers. Meanwhile, we finished up the smaller amount of interior damage - drying it out then replacing some drywall, paint, insulation.  The final product was outstanding making their business standout and the client was very happy.

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